The Chew Chew Junction Mission

Our mission is to provide quality dental services to children in a caring environment. We respect the trust that parents place in us by allowing us to care for their child’s oral health. That trust is evidenced by the long-term relationships we have established with our patients since opening Chew Chew Junction in 1980.

Customer Service

Our staff is dedicated to gaining the trust and confidence of our patients and overcoming bad past dental experiences. We strive to make each visit a positive experience through compassionate dental care. It is our belief that making the dentist a fun and comfortable environment will lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

We also understand that dental emergencies happen outside of the regular 8 to 5 weekday. If you have a dental emergency when the office is closed, feel free to give us a call and we will gladly help with your dental emergency.

Care for Special Needs Children

We understand each child is unique and deserves to be treated specifically to their needs. Dr. Kennedy and his staff have been specifically trained to care for those children with special needs. No matter the child’s situation, we promise to provide the same care as we would to our children.

Open Door Policy

We believe in having an open-door policy to allow parents to accompany children into the hygiene area as long as space is available and treatment area when dental work is needed. We feel this is especially important on a child’s first visit when a trusting relationship has not yet been established with our staff.

Semi-Annual Checkups

Our focus is on prevention, intervention, and treatment of dental problems and diseases. We believe that semi-annual checkups are a key factor in preventing cavities.


Children and parents will be educated in the best practices to prevent tooth decay and achieve optimum oral health. We support children in every aspect of dental care and teach them to establish healthy oral care habits.

Continued Training

The staff at Chew Chew Junction is dedicated to continuing yearly education so that they can stay informed and educated regarding best dental practices. Toward that goal, both Dr. Richard Kennedy and Dr. Bradley Skelton attends a minimum of 40 hours of training each year, and our dental hygienists attend a minimum of 24 hours of training.

Front desk staff stay up to date on office procedures and insurance requirements on an ongoing basis. They are always prepared to answer questions regarding insurance, school forms, appointment times and other related questions.

Payment Options

In order to help as many children as we can, we accept different types of insurance plans. We have also signed up for CareCredit to extend credit to parents whose insurance does not cover all of the costs of their child’s dental care. CareCredit offers convenient payment options so that dental care can be completed as soon as possible.

Please feel free to call us at 513-858-6575 or email us at!