About The Staff At Chew Chew Junction

Our Stance

We take the preventive care of your children’s teeth very seriously. Our staff of pediatric dental hygienists and assistants take a progressive role toward a child’s dental health – making our staff pediatricians of dentistry.

Continuous Training

Our staff’s training does not cease after dental school. Each staff member receive annual training that keeps them up to date with the best procedures and techniques. Children’s dental needs differ from adults. Therefore, we focus on educational practices that involve child development, psychology, anesthesia and trauma.

At Chew Chew Junction, our staff specializes in creating soothing and comfortable experiences for children. Each child is treated according to their individuality and concerns. We even allow our patients to examine and understand how the dental equipment works.

Patient Treatment

We believe in displaying a caring attitude to each patient. The staff communicates treatment and preventative care techniques effectively to you and your children. We want your child to understand and grow to trust us. We will help you to make the best decision concerning your child’s dental health by furnishing you with all related information for your treatment options, along with our professional recommendations.

Over time, we will discuss any changes that we monitor in your child’s dental health, in order to maintain excellent oral health and prevent disease, tooth decay and gum infections.

Educating Patients

The staff also educates parents about maintenance and preventative oral care. In doing this, our aim is to become an extension of the oral practices that are encouraged at the child’s home. When this is accomplished, the child feels more comfortable about having any necessary treatment. The relationship our staff creates with each child helps to fix any oral health issues before they become major ones.

The staff is trained in showing proper brushing and flossing techniques through fun and interactive exercises. We also help children and parents to understand what type of foods accelerate tooth decay. Our far-reaching goals are endorsing habits that ensure good oral health.

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