Your First Visit to Our Office

When Should My Child First Visit the Dentist?

Thinking about the prevention of cavities and how to keep a healthy smile is probably your primary concern as a parent whether your child has a normal set of teeth or a just a few poking through their gums. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children 1 years of age and older should make their first visit to the dentist, but we usually begin to clean teeth at age 3.

How Should I Prepare My Child?

To ensure that there are no surprises, our experienced staff will discuss the initial process with you. Our primary goal is to ease a child’s nerves and fears and build a warm and trusting relationship with them. We want the first visit to our office to be happy and carefree. Your child may be intimidated by this new experience, and our friendly staff members will walk them through each step of their visit. We do this through positive interaction and make sure they thoroughly understand the process.

What to Expect During the First Visit?

A child’s first visit at our office will be filled with introductions and a tour of the facility. This allows them to get better acquainted with the pediatric dentist and the staff. We want to form a well-established and friendly working relationship, so your child won’t feel panic or anxiety when they have to visit the dentist. Our warm, friendly and inviting environment is the key to a successful first visit, and we can form a solid and long-lasting patient-doctor relationship with your child.

An initial visit should also be short and include an answer and question session with you and your child. They may ask to see the various instruments and cleaning tools that a pediatric dentist may use. This can also alleviate any surprises down the road. As your child becomes more comfortable with the dentist, staff members and the office, you can schedule future visits for any necessary treatments.

What to Bring to the First Visit?

For a patient’s first visit to our offices, we ask that a parent or legal guardian accompany their child but after this initial visit babysitter, grandparents, or whoever you have entrusted your child to is able to bring them in for their dentist appointment. To help make your first visit go smoother, please fill out our first visit forms and bring them with you.

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