General Treatments

Dr. Kennedy and his staff have extensive experience in the treatments most frequently required by children and teens. While prevention and daily maintenance may be the most effective measures of dental care, every youngster needs professional care to ensure a foundation of complete dental health.

We teach everyone about the need for oral hygiene and demonstrate proper technique. Two checkup and professional cleaning visits per year help us pinpoint potential troubles in your child’s teeth before the problems become serious.


Even children who practice flawless daily regimens may require a filling. The earlier decay is discovered, and the cavity filled, the better. We prefer white composite fillings to silver. White fillings promote tooth strength, blend beautifully with other teeth and require less invasive drilling. White fillings are also less sensitive to temperature.


Sometimes a child’s tooth decay can’t be properly treated with a filling. We offer numerous crown options, depending¬† on the severity of the decay and how cooperative your child is during dental treatment. Dr. Kennedy will explain your options at the time of diagnosis.¬†Porcelain crowns for are fine for adults, but porcelain is often unsuitable for children. We offer numerous crown options, including stainless, white jacket and white strip crowns. Dr. Kennedy will explain your options and offer recommendations.

Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Children may require extractions for many reasons, including advanced decay, injury or gum disease. Juvenile teeth are sometimes impacted by emerging permanent teeth and need to be removed. The jaw sometimes lacks room for wisdom teeth. It is better to extract them than allow wisdom teeth to become impacted.

Children are, quite understandably, skittish about the prospect of having a tooth pulled; however, the procedure has become nearly painless, thanks to our sophisticated anesthetics.


Food and bacteria collect in crevices and on the top surfaces of the rear molars. To combat decay, we can coat molars with sealant, a safe plastic resin. The resin fills the crevices. Between proper hygiene and sealants, molars have the chance to remain in perfect condition. Sealants can be applied on permanent teeth through the teenage years.

Interceptive Orthodontics for Short-Term Cases

Interceptive orthodontics are appropriate for children at least 7 years old. Tooth crowding, a bad bite or crooked teeth might trigger the need for interceptive treatment.

This early treatment prevents the development of more serious problems as your child grows. Interceptive treatments can correct damage caused by thumb sucking, guide permanent teeth into their proper slot or create space for the permanent teeth to grow in straight. Dr. Kennedy and his staff will let you know if orthodontics are necessary for your child.

Teeth Whitening for Teens

Teenagers are self-conscious about their smile, but so are adults. Bright, white teeth increase our social confidence, and that helps the average teen immeasurably. Professional whitening can begin at about age 14. Professional whitening is preferable to home-bleaching kits, which are less thorough, can damage previous dental work and alter the natural color of your child’s teeth.

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