Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

We pride ourselves on tending to every single child with the same tender, loving care we would our own. We are compassionate when it comes to our patients, and we also look after the exceptionally special smiles of children with special needs.

Each and every Chew Chew Junction dental-care professional has been trained to recognize and understand the extra-mile care, compassion and management that children with special needs can sometimes require. Our staff will join you in alleviating even uniquely acute anxieties your child may experience during the visit. Nothing gives the Chew Chew Junction team more deep personal satisfaction than helping a child requiring extra care and attention feel safe and comfortable through an earned trust between the dentist, parent and child.

During your child’s appointment, we’ll make every option available to reduce or eliminate anxiety and discomfort, including scheduling appointments at a time of the day that Dr. Kennedy has set aside to focus his expertise specifically on the special needs of your child. Knowing that dental exams can often seem uncomfortably invasive to many adults, we realize that the same procedures could be traumatizing to a child who may be unable to fully comprehend what’s happening. Dr. Kennedy is happy and willing to confer with your child’s pediatrician or other specialist in order to assure your child is getting the best care possible for his/her needs.

Dr. Richard W. Kennedy and our trained hygienists want to take the time and patience to explain to you and your child the best strategies for keeping the world’s most precious smiles shining vibrantly for life. It’s more than simply our business to build a lasting, trusting relationship with both parents and children. It’s always our passion.

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